Intuitive Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy can help us gain a greater understanding of ourselves and enable us to resolve past experiences, childhood, and habitual patterns. By finding a greater ease within ourselves we can have a stronger ability to make choices that serve us and a clearer idea of our goals and true purpose.

Intuitive psychotherapy can help if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Issues about marriage, partnership and sexuality
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Trouble getting on with partners, friends/colleagues
  • Fear, panic attacks, phobias
  • Anger which you feel you cannot manage
  • Grief through bereavement or other losses
  • Chronic, serious or terminal illness
  • Money, prosperity, success issues
  • Career or work difficulties
  • Effects of traumatic abuse

Intuitive Psychotherapy with Jane

I began my study of Psychosynthesis in Dublin in 1983 and continued after moving to London in 1986, qualifying first as a Counsellor and later as a Psychotherapist. Working intuitively enables me to gain insight into whatever your issues are.

Why come for Psychotherapy?

People come to psychotherapy first to resolve childhood issues and destructive habitual patterns, but they may also come because they want to live the life they want to live.  Having that weekly psychotherapy session enables them to stay on course because their therapist will see when they are falling into old patterns or acting in a way that is counterproductive to their true goals and be able to guide them out
of that.

Regular weekly sessions

Having a regular weekly session enables us to explore safely who we are, what we need and want and what we may do to make the changes we want. The work is confidential. It can be frightening and painful when we are dealing with very difficult issues. It can also be encouraging, nourishing and supportive, fun and joyful. We have enormous potential which is more easily realised when we learn to better manage our body, feelings, mind and soul.

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is based on the work of Dr Roberto Assagioli, who was originally a student of Freud. Thus Psychosynthesis emerges out of Freudian thinking and develops a view of the human psyche that looks at human potential as well as human suffering.

Psychosynthesis is a way of looking at our behaviour, our personality, our psyche and our inner life, that leads us to better understand ourselves and to develop an art of living. It helps us to become more true to ourselves by its insight into the dynamics of the personality and of how we act in the world. Its effect on human development is well described below:

“When it is balanced and healthy, human growth proceeds in all directions: it looks like an expanding sphere rather than a straight line. It is for precisely this reason that Psychosynthesis endeavours to take into consideration all the dimensions of human life which truly matter and which, if left unacknowledged, lead to a fragmented, even absurd existence:

  • The emergence of will and self-determination
  • The sharpening of the mind
  • The enjoyment of beauty
  • The enrichment of the imagination
  • The awakening of the intuition
  • The realisation of love
  • The discovery of the Self and its purpose

(Piero Ferrucci, 1982, What We May Be, Turnstone Press)

Intuitive Psychotherapy Can Also Help With Following:

  • Search for meaning in life, spiritual questions about life and death
  • Parenting dilemmas
  • Weight problems, eating disorders
  • A need to make important decisions

If you are experiencing any of these things, contact Me for an appointment.  Each weekly session lasts 50 minutes.

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