Recommended Books

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I am including a list of books that I have found especially meaningful.  I know how valuable it is when attempting to change old habit patterns to read pertinent books that help with the process because they give some meaning to a new way of being.  I have certainly felt supported by inspirational books during significant changes in my life.

Destructive habits are often very difficult to change and with awareness, determination and vigilance we can do so. The books on my list have helped me and given me the inspiration to persevere with my efforts to change, so  I will continue to add to this list as I find more titles that I feel would be helpful.  Please enjoy and benefit.

The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran

This is a classic book – it is not long but it is matchless in its beauty and simplicity.  I chose this edition of it because it contains the twelve original visionary paintings by Gibran.

Marianne Williamson writes very well and has powerful, inspirational messages.

This is a beautiful book about human growth and potential. It is simple and understandable.

This is a wonderful inspiring book about the importance of relating and paying attention to infants and children and showing how doing so builds empathy and compassion in their growing understanding of life and the development of their sense of self.

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