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How Do I Choose?

We are confronted daily with experiences that cause us pain, worry, confusion and sometimes bewilderment.  Most of these come from those we love, our work and money, our health, physical, emotional, psychological, our relationship with ourselves and that which is greater than us: The Divine, Nature, our core beliefs and values.  In addition to all that some of us wrestle with wanting to find our purpose in life and the meaning in fateful events.  

If we leave any of these stressors or pressure points unattended, they can fester inside of us and by our thoughts and feelings about them, we can increase their impact on us.

Love and Relationships

Love and Relationship – We love and have relationships with many things, not just our partner and our family but ourselves, nature, music, art, our work, our passions, the Divine to name a few.  When they are not going well, we are not also going well and it is time to take some action because if we keep doing things the same way, we keep getting the same results.


Health – This is our greatest treasure and without it we have less capacity in our lives.  There are so many levels of health and they all need our attention.  I often say that we are born with a body, feelings, mind and a soul or higher self, but there is no instruction manual included to help us know how to manage these things.


Money – It is really just a form of energy which we use to exchange with others to get our needs met, but there is so much that we attach to this energy in the way of meanings depending on our own experience.  Money is meant to flow and if it doesn’t, we need to look at what our beliefs and expectations, hopes and fears are about it.


Purpose in Life, Meaning, Fateful events – Why are we here?  Why is this happening to us?  What are we meant to do?  If you ask yourself any of these questions, what do you do about finding answers?

How I Can Help You Today

I would suggest several ways in which I could help.  All of my services are completely confidential and sessions last for fifty minutes.

Individual Intuitive Sessions

If you come to me with a short description of the issues that are troubling you, I will check in with my intuition to offer some suggestions which may alleviate some of the tension.  Together we will discuss whatever comes up between us and develop more possibilities.  Then we can decide what might be appropriate next steps for you to take.

Intuitive Psychotherapy

I also offer Intuitive Psychotherapy which consists of regular weekly fifty minute session that enable you to identify and work with such things as childhood issues, habit patterns, destructive feelings and core beliefs.  

All of these things continue to have a negative impact on the flow of your life even though you may not think you are subject to them.  Working on yourself in this way can increase your sense of self worth and enable you to be freer in your life to make considered choices and move in a direction which more closely aligns with your true purpose in life.  

You can develop a degree of psychological freedom that you may never have thought possible.

Intuitive Mentoring

If or when you have identified some of the issues with which you need to work, decided what habit patterns you choose to change, it often helps to have support.  When you change your behaviour especially with family and/or those who are close to you, it is often difficult not to return to your original patterns because they are habitual and until only recently were unconscious.  

Thus it helps to have someone to walk beside you and encourage you to stay true to your choice to respond from a more conscious and considered place.  Regular meetings enable that process and help you to become the person you choose to be.  

This service can be accessed thought either Individual Intuitive Sessions or Intuitive Psychotherapy.

Clinical Supervision

For people who work with people, having a supervisor with whom to discuss cases in a confidential way is invaluable to give another perspective and other ways of working with the client which we may not yet have considered on our own.  

It enables us to be more balanced in our work, helps us to deepen the work and give us the support we need to improve our work.  Without supervision, it can be a lonely road.  

A supervisor is there to support us to do our best work and to help us to clear any of our own issues that may be impacting our work with clients.

Still Not Sure?

These are a few choices of approach to some of life’s disturbing issues, and I hope that these descriptions help you to decide if I can be of help in some way. 

If you are not sure which service will suit you best, please don't hesitate to get in touch and I will able to help

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